I enjoy, I like holding books in my hands but I'm also thrilled that digital devices allows us to carry around a miniture, personal library.  Classic Christan books will always be my favorite.  I encourage anyone who has yet to read these classics, to start now.  Books about great missionaries and great men and women of the faith are also challenging and most applicable to a faltering generation.  There are many great on-line articles, too.  I have put together a list of books (just a few) that I would highly recommend.  This list is just a beginning, from time to time I will renew this list.  Until then, saturate your mind with eternal things.

  • The One Year Bible - (After all, it's the greatest book out there!)
  • I Will - Rainer
  • Tracks of a Fellow Struggler – Claypool
  • In His Steps – Sheldon
  • When Life Is Hard – MacDonald
  • Worship The King - Tiegreen


By  Pastor Bob and Debby Bogart

Picture by: Petr Kratochvil