February 2019   
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VBS 2016 (images in photos)

Vacation Bible School 2016 (VBS)

VBS 2016 was a real success.  A special thank you to everyone who participated, even in the smallest way.  It simply could not have been accomplished w/o you.  This year's VBS theme was SUBMERGED.  Coming to help us was Pat (a retired missionary) and a friend from her Sunday School Class in the Atlanta area, Katie.  Mike and Sarah and their 3 children from Mississippi and Graham and Natalie from Bedworth England.  All of these came great distances just to contribute their time and energy to VBS in Pierre, South Dakota. We averaged about 45-47 children each evening.  We fed the children a meal at 5:30PM before the VBS program started at 6PM.  This year, there were more of our own CHBC children attending and more of our CHBC members helping out than in any previous year.  There was a great consistency throughout the entire week.  The Gospel message of Jesus Christ was clearly presented over 15 different times during the 5 nights of VBS.  Thank you for your prayers and efforts.  This was, and remains, an exciting ministry.  BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE 2016 VBS PICS IN THE PHOTO SECTION OF THIS SITE